TEN SCIENCE BEAUTY TABLET is an Advanced Customized Analysis System for the detection of facial and body imperfections. It uses a dual detection system, Bio-Impedance Meter and Ultrasound:

  • The Bio-Impedance Meter is one of the most widespread and trusted techniques for determining the composition of the body, by measuring the body’s electrical resistance to the passage of an alternating current.
  • Ultrasound is an emission of sound waves that are not audible to the human ear, which propagate at different speeds in the tissues, allowing the type of imperfection to be identified.

The data revealed from the Bio-Impedance Meter is combined with that of the Ultrasound and reported on the personalized medical history card.


TEN SCIENCE BEAUTY TABLET provides precise and reliable indications on the type and the degree of facial and body imperfections, so as to indicate the best personalized treatment program.


The results are clear and simple, expressed as a percentage and displayed on a graduated scale, which determines whether the imbalance is low/medium/high.

In each program the priorities for intervention are highlighted, focusing on the lifestyle that can be rated in the check-up as Excellent/Fair/Inadequate.